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Evolution of the Doritos Logo

  • 23 Jul, 2014
  • nblair

Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved eating Doritos. Cool Ranch was my favorite. When I was young I would have eaten them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I was allowed to. As I grew up I decided that a Doritos-only diet was not going to serve me well, but I still appreciate them for their branding and continued evolution throughout the years.

In honor of Doritos, I put together an evolution of the Doritos logo throughout the years. You’ll notice the first few logos looked very similar starting in 1964 and going up through 1992. Then in the 1990’s they started making more drastic changes. Their newest logo, announced in 2013, gives a more action-oriented vibe. They have been promoting themselves as ‘bold’ and this logo reflects that sentiment. It’s got the triangular ricocheting light beam breaking through the word ‘Doritos.’

I hope you all enjoy this graphic and maybe it brings back some memories for you all. Which one is your favorite?


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