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In lithographic printing, bleed refers to the printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming. The reason bleed is required is because there's always slight variation in the position of the image on the sheet. So think about it this way; if we printed your document exactly to size, and the image has shifted just slightly one way or the other, when we go to cut the final size out of the parent sheet, it will then leave a white edge between where the image ended, and where the blank white paper is still visible.

We recommend 0.125" (1/8") bleed on all sides of a document that requires bleed.

At PLS Print, we ask for high resolution, print-ready PDF's to print from. Here's why: a correctly made PDF will retain all high resolution images, vector type and graphics, and it is a static version of the artwork you created, therefore the PDF you send to us is going to look exactly the same on your computer as it does on ours.

We do work with source files on occasion, but there's more risk involved because we are now working with your live files. We will let you know on a specific occasion when we might need your source files.

Most of our jobs are completed in a 5-7 business day schedule. This timeline starts after proofs are approved. So the day the proofs are given back to us approved, you can generally expect to have your job in 5-7 business days and this can be confirmed by your PLS printing consultant or CSR. For jobs that require more complex work (lamination, diecutting, gluing, foil stamping, UV coating, perfect binding, etc.) it could take longer, up to 7-10 business days.

All timelines will be discussed with your printing consultant or CSR in the beginning stages of the job to ensure we can meet your needs. We have a very high customer satisfaction rate and can accomodate most needs, if discussed in advance.

Once we have quoted your job and you have approved it for printing, we will request you send us your artwork. From here, we will print two physical proofs for you to approve. One is a content proof for general layout and composition. The other is for color matching. If you do not wish to see physical proofs, we can send a PDF proof for you to approve electronically as well. Once the proofs are approved, we will move your job into the production schedule.
For first time orders with new customers, we require 50% down when the artwork is given to us, and the remaining 50% due when the job delivers. After the first order, we can discuss credit options including Net 30 terms. Approved credit is required.

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