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Why customer service should be your number one marketing strategy

  • 7 Mar, 2014
  • nblair

Why exactly should customer service be your number one marketing strategy? Well, for starters, a Gartner Group study tells us 80% of your  company’s future revenue will come from 20% of your existing customers. Customer retention is the key element to any business. Sometimes we focus so much on acquiring new business that we forget to roll out the red carpet for our current, loyal customers. After all, keeping them happy not only ensures their retention, but also valuable referrals. Customer service should come easily and naturally, because we truly are thankful for a customer’s business. However, making sure every department in your company is practicing good customer service is key, from the receptionist to the production team and everyone in between. Stats show 73% of consumers say they give up on a brand because of rude and incompetent staff.

Have you taken a look at your company’s current customer service practices lately? When is the last time you asked your customers how pleased they are with your company? Don’t ever assume they are happy just because they are still engaging in business with you. It is time to setup your customer service. Also, why not create a marketing campaign focused totally on your current customers? Thank them for their loyalty, reward them for it with top notch service or incentives. Make them aware of new services and products you offer, or give them a fresh reminder of old ones. Keep those customers happy, remember, 80% of your future revenue depends on it!

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