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Direct Mail Services

Direct mail provides a great ROI when comes to your marketing dollars. At PLS, we can help you with your mailing services.

Our mailing services include:

• Mail list cleansing (de-duping, merge/purge, list cleanup)
• CASS and NCOA certification
• Inkjet addresses
• Postal presorting
• Tabbing
• Mail list management
• Mail list purchasing

Production Capacity
With a full line of tabbers, inserters, and inkjet equipment, we can produce 100,000+ inserted letter per day, and 400,000+ inkjet postcards per day. This means that most of our mail projects can be in and out in less than 48 hours.

Postage Discounts
In addition, we use the most sophisticated mailing software on the market. This means that you will receive the lowest postage rates available. We utilize services such as carrier routing and drop-shipping, and because of that you won't find lower postage rates anywhere else.

Mailing Permit
We will gladly use your own mailing permit if you have one. Don't have a mailing permit? No problem! You can use our corporate mailing permit for any of your mailings with us at no cost to you. We have a numbered permit and a company style which can hide the city that the mail is coming from. This is handy if you want your mail to look like it's coming locally, even though it might be out of the area.

Mailing Lists
To achieve the highest ROI on your mailing campaign, you need to mail the right piece to the right audience. This is why we offer our mail list purchasing service. Quite simply, this means we will generate a custom mailing list just for you. Choose from criteria such as geography, income, marital status, children at home, home size, vehicle type, hobbies, interests and more. We'll even help you analyze your current customer base to identify trends in your customers.

Mail Tracking through IMb Tracing®
Many of our customers are looking for greater insight into their direct mail campaigns. That's why we offer IMb Tracing as a service to our customers. This service allows you to see exactly when your mail is hitting it's destination anywhere in the country.

Built-In Savings
When you keep your printing and mailing all under one roof, you can quickly see the cost and time savings. Contact us to day to learn more.